Multi-tasking Mishap #334

Didn’t somebody famous (and very, very wise) say that mistakes sometimes end up being a stroke of genious?…or something like that?

This fall marked a first in the Burde nest…our oldest little burde started preschool.  So bittersweet, but that is a whole other post (probably an entirely different blog for that matter).  Anyway, for a multi-tasking mom it adds a little more rush and business to mornings and for a sleepy little burde who likes to snooze until 8 or 9, waking her up in the mornings means this Mama Burde has to be on her game and be the chipper chicken, which is really quite hard for me.

As I’m taking a quick shower before getting the girls out of bed, something just didn’t feel right.  I washed my hair and then did my usual routine where I stand in the warm water and pretend precious time isn’t passing by.  As I look down I notice something.  I have left an undergarmet on.  In the shower.  And didn’t notice until I was almost done.  To spare your wondering, this undergarmet was what our toddler calls a ‘boop thing.’  (Yes, she calls them ‘boops’ and I am happy at this moment for that so I don’t have to write the real word.)

So as I laugh and almost shed a tear at my grand lack of awareness of myself and likely anything around me, I realize that I may have just stumbled upon something.  Something ingenious.  What mom doesn’t hate laundry?  And if I close my eyes and imagine a world that wouldn’t think this idea was totally idiotic I think to myself, ‘Yes Jacqlyn, you did just wash your bra, while taking a shower. You have just elevated the standards of multi-tasking to a new realm.  Unchartered multi-tasking waters if you will.  Good for you my dear.’ 

Then I smile at the wet-bra-wearing woman in the mirror, trying to convince her that it was a stroke of genious.  But she knows better. 

It was stupid.  Very, very stupid.  Chalk it up to multi-taking mishap #334.


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