Jacque of All Trades

Of course I mean Jack (or Jac because I’m a girl), but in light of the recent and completely random spelling of my name that was used in an email to me, I thought I’d use Jacque.

I just can’t leave this one alone so if you haven’t heard via Facebook or my random sharing at the local grocery store (I love you Leppink’s!), let me explain.  So my name, Jacqlyn, has a somewhat unusual spelling that prompts me to say this almost automatically whenever I am providing the spelling of my name: J-A-C-Q-L…that’s right, no U after the Q, Y-N. 

But onto Jacque. 

Being a Jacqlyn means there are a plethora of spellings including, Jaclyn, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jacklyn, Jaklin and my most-least favorite abbreviation of all: Jackie!  Jackie is like a totally different name.  To me any way.  Jacqlyn…Jackie.  It’s nothing like Jacqlyn…Jaclyn.  Two totally different names versus two different spellings. 

So, I get the misspellings and I have accepted after 30+ years the common and often automatic use of Jackie (‘Hi, my name is Jacqlyn.”  “Hi Jackie.”  Really?).  But I sure had a doozy the other day when I received an email from a client who I have worked for since 2008.  The greeting was, ‘Hi Jacque,….’  To be honest I stared at the email for about 10 seconds, rereading Jacque and trying to understand how that would even be pronounced.  Let’s dig in for further investigation…

Jacque.  Could it be that my beloved client meant Jacques as in the French Jacques Cousteau?  I am so not French.  Or could it be that she recently caught a glimpse of my junk-in-the-trunk and circa’d back to 1995 and the 227 Jacke`e? (BTW I totally wiki’d that spelling; I would have spelt it Jack-Kaaaaay.)  

The truth is, I just don’t know.

I wish I could figure out a way to respectfully and lovingly (and without breaking down in childish laughter like a middle schooler) ask this person how they think that might be pronounced.  My family and close friends do call me Jack.  But, I would expect that spelling to be as such, or Jac because I am a girl or even Jacq, which is the spelling some of my friends do use because of the infamous Q without a U.

I have so not taken offense to this ‘name-calling,’ in fact it has been quite fun to add QUE to the end of my friends names and other random words.  But, if anyone reading this has some thoughtful insight into the mind of my client, please-please do share.  If you don’t, I’ll just continuque to wondque what the hecque she was thinque.


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