About Mama Burde

So this is the part where I try and make myself sound interesting…I am a mother of two beautiful girls and a big Moose, who is actually a lab-mix. I married the man of my dreams in 2001. He is quite successful and very busy with his career and completing his doctorate degree.  He does a little blogging too.

So, that allows me a lot of time at home with the girls doing foolish things and getting lots and lots of blog material.  We are very busy, but I make myself even busier by obessing about little things, doing the dishes nineteen times per day and trying my hardest to complete at least 10 tasks at one time. I am fully invested in multi-tasking and if that means I have an epic fail on at least three out of the 10 things I am doing at once, then so be it!

I own a small marketing business and work from home.  One of the things I do try and devote my full brain power to is my clients.  I love them.  I love what I do.

I also work my hardest at teaching our girls about the most important thing they can focus on: that Jesus rocks.  I want to spend eternity with my kids in heaven; I’m doing all I can to make sure they make the decision for Christ when they are old enough to do so.

There isn’t any other place I’d rather be than in my nest…my home.  I really believe our Nest is Best and I love being the Mama Burde (pronounced birdie)!


2 thoughts on “About Mama Burde

  1. I love you Mama Burde! I got a good laugh and a few tears after packing my bags tonight. A smile to put me to sleep (and to stay asleep, your cute nephew and niece- willing) . . .

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