It’s a Tastic Christmas

Part One: Bag-Tastic

So, I don’t usually endorse products on my blog, besides my beloved Pooper Scooper, but this year I found some really awesome bags and purses that were so awesome they well…made me want to write about them!

Back in the day, before we had kids (goooosh it seems like I am writing that a lot lately), I used to be really into purses.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I was and never will be a purse snob, only sporting Gucci, Coach or whatever else brand is really cool now (and since I can’t even think of a third brand name, how cool does that make me?).

I live in rural Michigan.  Coach is not required.

But, when I used to work in an office and get up early to take an entire hour to get myself ready for work, I always had a coordinating purse.  Now I grab the one nearest the door with the most diapers and snacks left inside…and that includes snacks for me.

When I put on my Cyber Monday Queen hat and Christmas shopped for all the lovelies on my list, I added myself as a lovely.  It’s been a while since I have bought myself anything and well, the temptation was just too great for me.  I bought myself this super cute, functional and fun mommy tote.  It is seriously the most-clever-idea-for-a-mom-with-a-toddler-and-a-babe. Ever.  Like ever-ever.

The Mother Child Tote in blue

The little babe is most-always attached to my hip.  So, I hold this bag on the other shoulder and our toddler holds onto the handle.  HOW.CUTE.IS.THAT?  And, our toddler loves it!  It’s also ginormous, which is great because I look like a total fool carrying small bags.  I am vertically blessed…remember?

The most awesome part about this was that it was only $20.  What a deal!

This bag must have been really popular because they don’t even have it listed at my second favorite online shopping site where I bought it just a few weeks ago,  But, luckily…if you’re interested in it, they have it at my first favorite online shopping site,

The other Bag-Tastic find is from a great nonprofit group at  I went to college with one of the founders.  They do this amazing project to help legal refugees who were forced to flee their countries because of conflict.  The material used for their ‘billboard bags’ is upcycled from billboards on the streets.   Proceeds from the bags (or wallets, laptop cases, etc.) provide English classes every Friday and restores dignity for the workers.

The bags are not only unique, but carry your stuff…and a story (hey, I should take up marketing).

Back of my billboard bags.

Front of my billboard bags.

Message tag on the billboard bags.

I ordered two billboard satchels, not knowing who I would give them to, and now I am trying to decide if I should give them away or keep them.  You can designate any specific colors you want, but I didn’t and thought I would just see what I got.  I happen to get leopard and grey.  Grey?  That is SO my second favorite color (first being black).  They will both match everything I own.

Tough decisions here.  Tough decisions.

Stay tuned for a Tastic Christmas Part Two: Craft-Tastic!


All I want for Christmas is…

…a pooper scooper.  Yep, you read that right.  A pooper scooper.

We have a dog.  You may have read about him.  He’s kind of a big guy and of course that means big piles in the yard.  About two years ago, shortly after we got the big lug, I splurged on a primo-super-duper pooper scooper.  This thing was like the Cadillac…no, scratch that, Mercedes Benz with a little Bentley sprinkled on top, of pooper scqszoopers.

My father-in-law, who taught me all I know about scooping poop, called it, ‘the high class’ pooper scooper.  And he was right.

It was not only high-end, high-class and high-style, it did the job quickly and efficiently.  And if you know anything about me, you know efficient is my middle name.  You could scoop a lot with little effort.  Most importantly, I didn’t break my back bending over with the old stand-by shovel.

I’m telling you this pooper scooper was so amazing it actually made people want to scoop poop. 

A few days after we were home with our second child this spring, my step-dad was over.  He took a walk outside to look for deer and other wildlife.  You know what he ended up doing? 

He scooped.   

He even said when he saw this beaut he knew it wouldn’t be that hard.  So true, so true.

But sadly, sometime this summer the high-class scooper was broken.  I was spared scooping pretty much all summer, but I did the job recently to clean the yard before the first snow fall.  And, my back is still aching.  I miss that thing.

Even sadder is the fact that I have Googled my beloved scooper and can’t find it anywhere.  But I will find it.  Or at least something comparable to it.  It’s practical and certainly makes a totally disgusting job a little easier.  And I am not too proud to say that all I want for Christmas is a pooper scooper.