It’s a Tastic Christmas: Part Two

It’s a Tastic Christmas: Part Two

Who would have ever guessed I’d be one crafty Mama?  Not me.

But last year around this time, when our toddler was just over two, I tried a lot of fun Christmas crafts.  I was actually a little worried that this year I would have fewer ideas to try.  Like I have to outdo myself every year or something.  Well, either way, I was wrong.

This year we sure had a Craft-Tastic Christmas.  Our crafty little toddler is so much into craft projects (especially those involving candy), she almost gets the shakes.  And, I think she did have the shakes when I revealed all the candy set up for our Christmas Craft Activity #1: Gingerbread house and tree.

All the candy prepped for our gingerbread activities.

This is about the most simple – and sugary – activity you can do.  They have so many options for premade houses and other things.  I actually found mine on Amazon and since I have Amazon Prime (free shipping), they arrived at my door two days later and didn’t cost me a thing to ship.  You could of course bake your own cookies, but honestly I’d rather spend time organizing all the candy in the little glass jars, which are actually candle holders I had.  Most of the candy is even from the dollar store.

The finished house (notice the massive, uncontrollable sugar smile on our toddler)

NOTE: if you don’t want your child to eat too much sugar, skip to Christmas Craft #2.  Really, no use in torturing them with all the candy!  I pretended our toddler didn’t have a dentist appointment two weeks later.  Which, had great results mind you, because she certainly doesn’t eat candy like this all year (and we have a pretty strict no juice policy).

Christmas Craft #2 Hand and Feet Christmas Tree

This was so much fun! I used our toddler’s hands and our baby’s feet to make the tree and tree stump.  The crafty toddler was on her own with what she wanted to use for decorating the tree.  I had this old frame lying around so I was actually able to frame it and utilize it as part of our Christmas decorations.  I dated it since I figure I’ll hang it up every year.

Our girl, decorating the tree.

The finished product, hung with an old frame I had. Toddler hands, baby feet. So sweet!

Christmas Craft #3 Triangle Tree

So, I did have to prep this the night before and cut out all those darn triangles.  I also taped the white paper together in advance.  Then, I let our girl go wild with glue, buttons, glitter glue and whatever else we have in our massive ‘art project hutch’ (which use to house nice glasses, plates vases, etc….another one of those ‘before we had kids’ moments).  You could really ‘hang’ it however you wanted.  I used double-sided tape, which I keep at least two rolls in the house for all children craft emergencies, and then hung it on an existing hook that was here when we move in.  Voila!

This could really be made a lot smaller, if needed. I like the bigger size though. And please note the cute thing our toddler is doing with her foot. She saw this pic and told me it was her 'new foot thing for pictures.'

Christmas Craft #4 Nativity

With all the crafts and cookies, santa claus and snow excitement, it’s nice to take time to refocus your child on the true meaning of Christmas.  So, we put together this nativity make out of graham crackers, lots of fruit roll ups, marshmallows, etc.  I saw some pictures online, but then just kind of used what we had to make it work for us.  By this activity I really was to the point where I wasn’t going to buy ANY more candy!  It turned out pretty cute.

Fruit roll up nativity! The hay is coconut I colored with food coloring...not cheese.

This time of the year is so much fun.  And, I think there is always good reason to take the time to set up organized projects for your kids.  I think I had just as much fun as our girls!  I am confident, however, that I ate a lot less sugar than they did.

If you’re a little obsessive like me, just ignore the massive piles of glitter and sprinkles all around the house and remember that soon all the decorations and clutter will be gone and we can move into the completely boring months of January and February…even more reason to try and enjoy the mess!

God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your families!